giovedì 9 giugno 2022

The first comic about the Italian mobility

Hi friends, one of the last steps of the year is to create a comic that could summarise the beautiful experience we either had and gave to the internationals hosted when they came to Italy to visit us and our Lorenzo Gigli high school. You can check it out if you desire by following the link below ;)🌷

Have a look at our first coming about the Italian mobility!

sabato 21 maggio 2022

Last Day - Mobility in Turkey 🇹🇷

Friday the 20th the students had the chance to visit Çorum's Gold Refinery, where they learned about the various steps to go from an unrefined metal ingot (where gold is mixed with silver, iron, tin, etc...) to gold ingots and subsequent gold products (jewelry, coins, etc...).

Subsequently they enjoyed a teacherless meal at the Mall next to the hotel together with they Turkish and Bulgarian counterparts.

The afternoon's free time was spent with multiple groups of Turkish alumni that showed them the city of Çorum and its essence.

The final moments were filled with warm embrace and hearty goodbyes.


Day 4 -Mobility in Turkey 🇹🇷

 Thursday the 19th the students went to the Alacahöyük Hattusa area to visit, throughout the morning, the most important archeological sites.

They then ate at a place that reimagined an ancient nomad village (Çorumlu Obasi). The afternoon was filled with entertaining activities like archery, one on one mock fights, and cosplaying in traditional clothing, all done at that same village.

The day ended with a tasty dinner.

Day 3 - Mobility in Turkey 🇹🇷

 The students arrived at the Temmuz Sehitleri Fen lisesi(Science High school) in the late morning, ready for the spring festival. After the arrival they immediately presented their 3D modelling projects. After the successful presentations from each group, the students were invited to create a traditional food called Sarma. For lunch they tried the real Turkish Döner Kebap, together with Baklava and Turkish yogurt. The afternoon was filled with sports competitions for the spring festival, like parkour, tug of war, sack race, egg carry, fast eating. After the last race ended the students went to the Çorum museum, where the Turkish students explained all the artifacts visible there. After dinner the farewell party became the main attraction (anticipated to Wednesday because some of the groups had their flight on Friday). During the party the students enjoyed a plethora of traditional foods, including the Sarma they previously made. The dancing was then interrupted by a mock wedding between two Erasmus students.

The day ended with the students having touched Turkish culture firsthand.

lunedì 16 maggio 2022

Day 2 - Mobility in Turkey 🇹🇷

 The second day started with a delicious buffet breakfast. Afterwards, the student headed towards the school, where the Turkish students welcomed them heartily.

The students were foremost guided through the school grounds, then aided in the assemblage of small wooden airplane airplanes, which would come into play in the following days.

Lunch was held in the cafeteria, where the students' palates experienced even more peculiar dishes than in the dinner held the day before.

In the afternoon the students met with multiple authority figures of the city. Both the mayor and the education director warmly welcomed the students, with which they entertained discussions on their future international experiences.

The day ended with a visit at 'Minature Turkey', a park with miniature models of important landmarks and buildings of the city.

Back at the hotel, the group refreshed themselves with another dinner full of local cuisine. 

Mobility in Turkey 🇹🇷 Day 1

 The students (Elisa Benedetto (5E), Marta Garbellini (5C), Gino Lanzo Hahn (5D), Federica Saretti (5C)) reached Malpensa Airport, accompanied by the professors Giuseppe Cutrì and Roberto Sandrini, as their first step towards çorum, Turkey.

Their first flight departed at 11:00 AM from Milan with destination Istanbul, followed by a second flight which headed for Amasya Merzifon Airport.

Once they arrived the Turkish professors accompanied them to the Anitta hotel which would host the students for the duration of their visit.

The Turkish professor Selda Tarhan was very welcoming and dependable, explaining the program for the week.

At the restaurant, which provided a beautiful view of the city, the students enjoyed a plentiful dinner comprised of mostly local cuisine.

Following a brief exploration of the hotel's facilities, like the spa and the gym, the students headed to bed filled with anticipation for the days to come.